Monday, November 10, 2014

Friends of Sherwood Lake Fund

The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin welcomes the Friends of Sherwood Lake Fund to its family of funds.

“Distributions from the fund will be used to remove sediment from Sherwood Lake, a public access only lake owned by Clark County in Wisconsin, or make improvements to Sherwood Lake, Park and Campground.” said Terry Rothmann, Executive Director.

Here is a PRESS RELEASE written by Kay Scholtz

The next meeting of the newly formed group, Friends of Sherwood Lake, will be held on Wednesday, December 3rd, at the Sherwood Town Hall, located in Sherwood Township, Clark County, Wisc.  The group’s goal is to fund raise for the dredging of Sherwood Lake to improve the lake's fishing habitat.
Sherwood Lake, a 117 acre lake in a remote area of southeastern Clark County, county owned, is entirely surrounded by public land that makes it a unique treasure in our area.  In February, 2014, the lake's auxiliary spillway failed which led to emptying of the entire lake bed.  Clark County will hopefully be repairing the dam in the near future. With the lake bed currently empty, we have a unique opportunity to remove sediment created by the decomposing of vegetation over many years that has left the lake with a poor environment for fish.
Sherwood Lake is fed by Hay Creek, a small tributary of the East Fork of the Black River that runs through the main lake bed.  In the late 1800’s a logging dam was built on Hay Creek and maintained by Island Mill Logging Company of La Crosse.  In the 1930’s the W.P.A. worked hard at improving the old dam and creating the lake as we know it today with it's beautiful park and campground.  Many of our ancestors found employment working on the project which was completed in 1938.
Although Clark County plans to do dam repairs, the County encourages, but does not have funds available for dredging.  Friends of Sherwood Lake has created a short term, pass through fund, with the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin, a non-profit foundation, to begin fund raising.  Those wishing to contribute to the project can send donations to: Friends of Sherwood Lake ℅ Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin, PO Box 968, Stevens Point, WI,  54481.  Checks can be made out to Friends of Sherwood Lake.  Donations with credit cards can be made online at the Foundation's website at by clicking on the donate button next to Friends of Sherwood Lake Fund.  All donations are tax deductible.  Although our primary focus is dredging, if dredging plans can’t be completed, the Friends of Sherwood Lake Fund will be earmarked for Sherwood Lake, Park, and Campground improvements.
If you have questions feel free to call Rosie Repinski, PH: 715-238-7600; Tom or Kay Scholtz, PH: 715-238-7603; or Vickie Dux, PH: 715-884-2961 or email:
More information and updates can be found on the “Friends of Sherwood Lake” Facebook page and the group's website:
Let’s work together to restore Sherwood Lake, our local gem.  It is said that one who plants a tree is not selfish.  Perhaps we can obtain a similar status by improving Sherwood Lake, not just for ourselves, but for future generations.

(Carin Schalla photo – 2012/13)

(Scholtz photo - 2014)