Monday, May 19, 2014

Playhouse Theatre Group of Central Wisconsin Fund

The organization is committed to fostering a love of theater by engaging young people and the greater community in high-quality performance and educational opportunities. “As their mission statement says…because every kid deserves a standing ovation.” said Terry Rothmann, Executive Director.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Community Foundation Annual Appreciation Event

Through my association with the Community Foundation for many years, I have gotten to know its various annual highpoints.  For me, the best part of the year for this organization is the annual appreciation event, held to honor donors, grant and scholarship recipients, and fund representatives.
Who are the attendees?   It’s the person who donated money for a good cause, it’s the local agency who is making our community a better place through grants from the Community Foundation, it is the student receiving the necessary funding to complete a post-secondary education, and, it is all those wonderful community members who care enough about our community to open a fund with their personal investment.

For many of the donors and recipients, it is the first time they get to meet one another and they do it while breaking bread.

Through the various funds at the Community Foundation, the total amount put to work in Portage and Waushara Counties last year was nearly $1 million dollars.  That fact alone is something to celebrate!
At the June 2013 Appreciation Event we were honored to hear several speakers, but the Destination Imagination competition team from Pacelli High School really stood out.  They had successfully raised money through a fund at the Community Foundation to purchase a “distracted driver” simulator machine.  Their message, the dangers of distracted driving, was compelling, entertaining and most importantly educational.

This year we will hear from Joan and Daren Duffey who lost their son Eric Duffey to drowning on his 21st birthday.  They will speak about their "Bring A Buddy" fund and how they are helping college students to ensure no other student dies in a drinking-related accident.

The annual appreciation dinner is truly my favorite day of the year in the Community Foundation’s calendar, as it celebrates the very essence of the Foundation’s mission – to make Central Wisconsin a better place by bringing generations of people together, all with the single goal of improving our community.  It embodies the popular term “pay it forward”.

Written by Trish Baker, a member of the Community Foundation Marketing Committee.


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