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Speak Your Peace ~ The Civility Project

of The Portage County Gazette

After getting kicked out of a Portage County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, March 20, for being disruptive, Whiting resident Reid Rocheleau may want to take note of a new Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin campaign launched earlier that day, one aimed at encouraging civil discourse during public meetings.
The campaign, the Speak Your Peace Civility Project, is a community-based effort to urge citizens of the community to communicate in a respectful way, said Terry Rothmann, Community Foundation executive director.

“There is certainly a lot of polarization in the state right now,” said Rothmann. “As we watch the McDill Pond and the McDill Dam issue unwind over the last 12 months or so, it’s pretty difficult to have a conversation about whether we should refill it or not without name calling and finger pointing, and all of the things that lead to higher stress and higher emotion but aren’t resolving issues. That’s really what l…