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Through Camp Hope, Life Goes On

Three times a year, a group of children unknown to each other gather as a community to deal with the death of a loved one.It could be their mother or father, brother or sister, but every so often it is the loss of their entirefamily.
They feel alone and sad, not sure what to do or how to feel, isolated from “normal” kids.Their friends don’t understand even if they try, and playground bullies can make a deep wound almost unbearable.
Camp Hope, located at the Lion’s Camp in Rosholt, offers these little hearts some salve to heal.It’s a chance to get together and be kids again, have some fun and not feel guilty about having fun.They laugh, play, shed tears, hug, connect somehow and take steps at feeling normal again.They learn that having someone die doesn’t make you weird, it makes you special.This camp makes them realize that they are not alone.It allows them to make friends that are like themselves.They think and talk about it, and bring up “stuff” like:“what happened, why did it happen,…

2010 Scholarship Applications - Due MARCH 1, 2010

The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin is accepting scholarship applications from area students who will be furthering their post-secondary education next fall. The Community Foundation currently has over 120 scholarship funds to support educational endeavors. Each scholarship follows a set of criteria established by the fund representative. Scholarships are available for students who excel academically, artistically, athletically and simply who have a desire to further their education. As each fund is different, the Foundation encourages applications from all interested students. Funds are available to support graduates from all area high schools as well as college students furthering their education.


Virgin Spur Fund

February 1, 2010 - Stevens Point - The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin welcomes the Virgin Spur Fund to its family of funds.A charter agreement was recently signed to establish this new fund at the Community Foundation
Virgin Spur Fund
Distributions from this donor-advised fund will be directed toward environmental issues and projects in Portage County.“The fund is named after an old railroad spur near where the family lives, and we are pleased to be able to help them meet their charitable dreams,” said Terry Rothmann, Executive Director.


Funds Helping Funds

This picture with two smiling faces is all about a success story… one fund at the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin anonymously donated a big (very big) gift to another fund in need.

Let’s get right to the exciting facts:Roseann DeBot, Director of Operation Bootstrap, is smiling in this picture as Terry Rothmann, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin, presents a $30,000 check to her, anonymously.The donor fund at the Foundation gave this gift asking no name recognition….their reward was the satisfaction of knowing that this money would do a lot of good in our community.This donor selected another foundation fund, Operation Bootstrap, due to the high level of community needs that this agency has been experiencing and its successful track record helping people.
For anyone with an immediate need for food, medication, shelter, or other assistance, Operation Bootstrap has been there to help.Their program assists people who have been referred to them…