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Portage County Historical Society - Winn Rothmann Fund

“The fund makes awards for literary and/or research works regarding history or reimburses the Historical Society form similar works or programs. We have a rich history here in Portage County, and the Society has done a terrific job in preserving that richness for future generations.” said Terry Rothmann, Executive Director.


Community Impact 2011

The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin returned $986,751 to the community in its fiscal year which ended on June 30.Over $120,000 in scholarships was awarded to 155 area students to further their education. Community organizations such as Arts Alliance, Children’s Museum, Operation Bootstrap, and Women’s Fund benefitted from over $379,000 that was granted to 166 area organizations.Another $487,000 was directed toward community projects like the Green Circle, Stevens Point Skate Park, and WWI Veteran’s Memorial Restoration. For a detailed list of grant and scholarship recipients, and funds maintained by the Community Foundation, please visit the Foundation’s website at

Tiger Trek Fund

Tiger Trek proceeds gifted to Green Circle
This year, the students at Washington Elementary School selected the Green Circle as the recipient for proceeds from their annual Tiger Trek Fun Run/Walk event (held on May 14). The 2011 Tiger Trek generated $7,250 in revenue, the largest amount in the history of the event. John Buzza, President of the Green Circle board, met with Washington School staff and students on June 8th, and graciously accepted the proceeds on behalf of the trail.


It Does Take a Village

Story as told by Terry Rothmann, Executive Director of the Community Foundation.
18 years old, Mom’s in prison, Dad is nowhere to be found, and Grandma has health issues.As the primary care giver, and working to support the family budget, studies had to take a back seat.And grades suffered, until a caring counselor at SPASH got involved. Confidence and esteem began to build, and the support network of Grandma and friends pushed even harder.

The grades did improve, though not enough to qualify for scholarships at the Foundation.But the SPASH counselor was not deterred.The student was encouraged to apply, partially for the experience, but also in the hopes that no others would apply.Unfortunately, students did apply, and others were selected.

But an interesting thing happened at the meeting where selections were made.Board members and volunteers found the story compelling, and at first one volunteer offered to donate $50 to help with a scholarship.Others followed suit, and over $1,800 was…